Wholesale of HEETS tobacco sticks., oshawa

Wholesale of HEETS tobacco sticks.

Price: $10

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User: gojdsf
Phone: +447384477840
Website: http://stik.net.ua

Selling wholesale tobacco sticks for the Russian market (12 flavors)
Heets tropical swift,
Heets - Green zing,
Heets - Yellow,
Heets - Yogen,
Heets - Apricity,
Heets - Noor,
Heets - Glaze,
Heets - Amber,
Heets - Bronze,
Heets - Turguoise,
Heets - Gold Selection,
Heets - Purple,

Price from 50 blocks-10 $, from 500-9 $, from 1000-8 $, from 5000-7 $.
Also available HEETS tobacco sticks with Ukrainian excise tax (12 flavors)
Heets Teak creamy nutty;
Heets - YUGEN;
Heets - NOOR;
Heets - Silver;
Heets - AMMIL;
Heets - Turguoise;
Heets - Green zing;
Heets - Purple;
Heets - Yellow;
Heets - Amber;
Heets - Bronze;
Heets - Tropical;

And for the Kazakhstan market (10 flavors)
Heets Dimensions Yugen. Floral and fruity
Heets Dimensions HEETS Ammil. Spicy and fresh
Heets Dimensions Noor. Warm walnut
HEETS Yelow label,
HEETS Purple label,
HEETS Bronze label,
HEETS Silver label,
HEETS Amber label,
HEETS Turquoise label,
HEETS Green Zing label,

Volumes in stock on an ongoing basis! We ship from Ukraine to Canada (DHL EXPRESS AVIA). Terms of 6-8 days! For more information, please contact:
+380941291888 (Viber) +447384477840 (Telegram). Andrey

Contact Information for Wholesale of HEETS tobacco sticks.


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